Advisory Group


The Advisory Group is formed by selected experts on both science and decision-making in DRM from different Countries, covering different risks and phases of DRM cycle. The networking activities between the Project Consortium, that is composed by recognized research institutes, competence centres for disaster risks and Civil Protection authorities, and the Advisory Group will result in the establishment of a European think tank/observatory on disaster risk and crisis management best practices that could represent a first step towards a Community of Practice to operate within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, in collaboration with the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Center.




  • To advise the Project Consortium in its activities of best practice collection and systematization, providing expert opinions and hints on relevant best practices, solutions or background available information.
  • To give support for the critical review of the best practices and solutions already existing in the EU countries (collected in periodical bulletins by the ROADMAP project partners).
  • To give support for the selection of topics and preparation of(three)thematic papers to be produced by selected experts during the project.
  • To giveadvice for the structuringand contentsof the thematic and vision papers.
  • To facilitatenetworking activities with the broader community of experts and practitioners for DRM.




The activity of Advisory Group members will be mainly performed during Advisory Group meetings, where expert opinions and advice will be gathered, but other forms of communication and participation could be activated during the project (e.g., structured interviews, questionnaires sent out via e-mail, wiki tools etc.).According to the project plan, at least four Advisory Group meetings will be held, in April, August, November 2021 and January 2022. The Advisory Group is also expected to participate in the Final Workshop, in June 2022.Due to the Covid-19 emergency, meetings are currently scheduled as video conferences. If face-to-face meetings can be resumed, the mission expenses of the Advisory Group members will be borne by the project.