Lead Beneficiary: UiS

The WP2 is dedicated to the composition and establishment of the Community for the European Observatory (CEO). In WP2, in addition to the engagement rules, the conceptual model for the CEO organisation, the possible subdivision on thematic panels, their interaction and the general functioning scheme of the CEO will be designed. To enlarge and consolidate the networking activities of the CEO with other thematic communities within (and outside) the KN, periodical meetings of CEO or its panels with relevant thematic communities will be organised to enhance cooperation and exchange ideas. The CEO will contribute to the design and planning of the knowledge sharing activities of WP5, i.e., the seminars/collaborative workshops/table-top-exercises. Moreover, it will advise on suitable criteria for GPs evaluation, and it will give feedback on the scenarios produced in WP3. In addition, the CEO will be invited to feed GPs into the Solutions Explorer web-platform in WP4.

D2.1 CEO building and management guidelines0

D2.2 Demo CEO activity plan0

D2.3 Demo CEO constitution0

D2.4 CEO supporting activity and lessons learned0