Lead Beneficiary: ICDP

This WP represents an important pillar, as it goes along the entire project and across all WPs. It will keep all the partners and activities together, assuring that the conducted initiatives will be in agreement with the overall objective of the action. As such, it will consist of management and reporting activities that include: (1) coordinate and oversee consistency of project activities; (2) secure the overall administrative and financial management of the project; (3) manage contacts with the Commission; (4) manage the Consortium, keeping the partners working as a whole; (5) monitor quality and timing of project results; (6) establish effective internal and external communication procedures; (7) meet the deadlines and check the agreement between activities and project aims; (8) draw contingency plan and, in case, implement necessary corrective measures.

D1.1 Project Work plan0

D1.2 Financial report0

D1.3 Progress report0