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Dr Andrea Prota – RELUIS
Full Professor, expert in seismic risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies and guidelines. Member of Major Risks Italian National Committee – Sector Seismic Risk of the Italian Department of Civil Protection and of the Commission of Italian Ministry for Infrastructures and Transportation that developed the Guidelines for Classification of Seismic Risk of Constructions. Prof. Prota, president of CI3R, will act as ROADMAP project coordinator.


Dr Edoardo Cosenza – RELUIS
Full Professor, expert in seismic engineering, structural engineering and conservative rehabilitation using innovative materials. Founder and President of Reluis. President of the Association of Engineers of the province of Naples since 2017. Member of the Commission of the Ministry of Infrastructures, Superior Counsel of Public Works for the “Guidelines for the monitoring, evaluation of structural safety and risk classification for existing bridges” and of the Commission of the Ministry for Cultural-Heritage for the redaction of the “Guidelines for the assessment of seismic risk of cultural heritage”. Past member and vice-president of Major Risks Italian National Committee – Sector Seismic Risk of the Italian Department of Civil Protection.


Dr Maria Polese – RELUIS
Associate Professor, expert in seismic vulnerability assessment, risk/loss estimation methodologies and crisis management policies framework. Actively involved with Reluis in the activities of support to ICPD for preparation of the National Risk Assessment 2018 for Italy.


Dr Luca Ferraris – CIMA
President and CEO of CIMA Research Foundation. Operational and research experience in Hydrometeorology, Hydrology and Climate Change with particular emphasis in flood and natural hazards forecasting and risk evaluation. Member of Major Risks Italian National Committee. Operational and research experience also in Civil Protection, risk reduction, liability, legal aspects & governance in risk management.


Dr Marco Massabò – CIMA
Program Director for Capacity Development in Disaster Risk Reduction and Civil Protection of CIMA Research Foundation, with a focus on European IPA and neighbourhood Countries. His approach to capacity development is based on bridging the science-policy interface for improving disaster risk management.


Dr. Nicola Rebora – CIMA
Senior Researcher at CIMA Research Foundation, head of the Bureau of the Presidency and Programmes Support sector, expert in hydrometeorology and climate change adaptation. Expert in flood risk and development of risk management procedures and platforms. Since 2015 he is member of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies, promoted by DG Home.


Dr Barbara Borzi – EUCENTRE
Senior Researcher at Eucentre and currently Head of the Risk Scenarios Department. She is involved in several national and international research projects. Her main research interest is evaluation of earthquake risk at urban or regional scale of structures and infrastructures.


Dr Fabio Germagnoli – EUCENTRE
Executive Manager of the Eucentre and, among other tasks, he is coordinator of several national and international projects carried out by the Foundation. Among the most relevant tasks, he participated in the working group 6. Disaster and insurance funding established by the Civil Protection Department within the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.


Dr Chiara Casarotti – EUCENTRE
Senior Researcher at Eucentre and currently Head of the Emergency Support Department. She has been deeply involved in the emergency management and rapid response to earthquake disasters, both within european projects and in real disasters, with technical coordination roles.


Eng Giulia Fagà – EUCENTRE
Head of the Education department of Eucentre, She is involved in several research projects dealing with earthquake risk reduction. Her current work is mainly focused on dissemination and knowledge transfer activities in the field of earthquake risk mitigation.


Dr Alberto Gotti – EUCENTRE
Senior Researcher at Eucentre. He has an extensive experience on environment and health impact assessment, exposure modelling including biologically-based toxicokinetics models, development of dose-response relationships based on both Biology-Based Dose Response modelling and epidemiological approach, climate change processes and policies, use of GIS for environment and health impact assessment, statistical data analysis and techniques to assess and reduce uncertainty in human health risk assessment.


Dr Mauro Dolce
Full Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy), and Director General of the Italian Civil Protection Department, where he works as Scientific Advisor of the Head of the Department. He has a background expertise in Structural and Earthquake Engineering. He is part of the European section of the UNDRR Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (E-STAG), Chair of the Governing Board of the Global Earthquake Model Programme (GEM) and author of about 440 scientific publications (H-i: 27 on Scopus, 35 on Google Scholar).


Dr Daniela Di Bucci
Geologist with expertise in geohazards, working in the Scientific Advisory Unit of the Italian Civil Protection Department, on: scientific relationships and agreements with research institutes and academia; Major Risks Commission activities; definition of strategies with high scientific content for Disaster Risk Reduction at national and international level; draft of regulations with relevant technical-scientific content. Author of more than 100 peer reviewed scientific publications (H-i: 22 on Scopus, 25 on Google Scholar).


Dr Carlo Centoducati
Expert in international relations, ESI funds, project design and management, with extensive experience in both operational-level and field-level disaster risk and crisis management. Since 2010 he has been involved in several development cooperation, capacity-building and advisory projects. He has a strong background in legislative drafting, EU negotiation and promotion of community resilience to disasters.

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Domingos Xavier Viegas
Expert in Extreme Fire Behaviour that will create and facilitate the network between the entities, and in general dissemination, training and activities.


Teresa Viegas
Project manager that will take care of legal process and protocols between the entities and uncharged of the formal procedures related with the dissemination and training activities.


Luís Reis
Researcher which will support the expert of the advisory of the network and responsibilities for collect and prepare the lectures of the webinar, contact entities and logistics.


Miguel Almeida
Researcher which will support the creation and implementation of the network between the entities and in general dissemination, training and activities.

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Mrs Claudia Morsut
Postdoc Fellow – University of Stavanger Norway, holds a PhD in International Relations from the University La Sapienza in Rome. Her research focuses on the role of the EU as crisis manager, the European Union civil protection Mechanism, crisis governance, EU security, resilience. She worked as research scientist at International Research Institute of Stavanger (2009-2015), while teaching at the University of Stavanger (Erasmus Mundus Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations). In the period November 2018 – October 2019 she was Centre Leader for the Centre in Risk Management and Societal Safety (SEROS) at the University of Stavanger. She has published on the European Union civil protection policy, the EU cooperation in security at global level, the EU governance of the 2015 migration crisis.


Bjørn Ivar Kruke
Associate Professor – University of Stavanger Norway, holds a PhD in Risk Management and Societal Safety from UiS. His research, lecturing and supervision of students focuses on emergency preparedness and management, civil protection and migration. He is a trained Civil Protection member of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and has both humanitarian and military experience from working in conflict areas. He publishes in peer-review journals like Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Disasters and Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management. He lectures at MA level in several Norwegian universities and was involved the establishment of the Arctic Safety Centre in Spitsbergen, Svalbard.