ROADMAP2 project at CERIS-DRS annual event 2023

On 5 December, the project coordinator, Daniela Di Bucci will present the activities of the ROADMAP2 project at the CERIS-DRS annual event.
The ROADMAP2 presentation is scheduled within the session Societal Resilience and Risk Governance – Pannel 1: From knowledge of risks and multi-risk vulnerabilities to responses – risk awareness, early warning and education, moderated by Abdelghani Meslem, Norsar.
In addition to Daniela on the panel will be Betsabée Haas (Vice-Mayor of the City of Tours, France), Femke Mulder (RISKPACC project), Vlatko Sesov (ISRA project), Rui Perdigão (C2IMPRESS).
The event is carried out on an annual basis, bringing together all the CERIS stakeholders in the field of disaster resilient societies. The networking event serves for taking stock of what has been achieved in 2023 in the field of EU disaster resilience and gives the opportunity to discuss the objectives and events planned for 2024.
The CERIS-DRS Annual Event 2023, will take place in hybrid mode from 4 to 7 December 2023 and will consist of the following four sessions: CBRNe Crisis Management (MONDAY 4th December), SOCIETAL RESILIENCE AND RISK GOVERNANCE (TUESDAY 5th December), TECHNOLOGIES FOR FIRST AND SECOND RESPONDERS (WEDNESDAY 6th December), and INTEROPERABILIY (HARMONIZATION, STANDARDIZATION) (THURSDAY 7th December).